About Us

Sweet Greetings is a Gift Shop that was recently acquired by IDA Drugmarts to offer the community of Sault Ste. Marie the opportunity to shop a wide-selection of unique products for special occasions and gift-giving ideas.

The gift shop works exclusively with three favourite companies including Danica (Studio) and Now Design. These Canadian based companies offer unique gift ideas including one of a kind aprons, rugs, water bottles all designed by Canadian artists.

Torre & Tagus is also another well-known brand you can find at Sweet Greetings which offer higher end home decor.

You can also SHOP LOCAL at Sweet Greetings. We carry some of your favourite local brands including Moon & Mana, OC Hair, Bath and Body and Hogan’s Homestead.

Looking to enhance your interior design?

Speak with our experts today about unique, exceptional products you can include in your space to freshen and liven up your den, bedroom, home office, and more.

While giving a gift to someone else, you may find the perfect gift for yourself – only at Sweet Greetings.

Our Products
Greeting Cards Assorted greeting cards with heartfelt messages
Customized Baskets Perfect for any occasion 
Baked Goods  Baked in house and fresh (cookies, brownies, tarts)
Speciality Coffee Traditional and Dark Roast for flavourful options 
Home Decor Danica Studio, Torre & Tagus Canadian Products
Classical Art Pieces Canadian Artistic Pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind
Gift Shop Items - miscellaneous
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Meet Jennifer

Sweet Greetings focuses on providing the community of Sault Ste. Marie fresh and modern home decor and gift giving options.

Our mission is to provide guests with the out of town shopping experience they desire but within the comfort of their friendly IDA pharmacy.

coffee, chocolate and flowers

Our Gift Shop


Sweet greetings provides customers the option to purchase modern, fresh gift wear.

The unique gift shop offers locals the “out of town” shopping experience they crave.

With fresh items in stock every week, Sweet Greetings looks to cater to the customer by building relationships.

Custom orders are more than a shopping experience as Sweet Greetings looks to offer more than your ordinary gift shop.

By asking questions about the person receiving your gift, custom baskets are made to suit the personality of the recipient. 

We work within your budget to develop custom arrangements that can include freshly baked in-house muffins, cookies, brownies, date squares, tarts as well as gourmet chocolates, nuts, candy, and European foods. 

Customers can phone our establishment and speak directly with the person who will make their customized basket and/or arrangement. 

giftshop items
giftshop items
giftshop items
giftshop items
giftshop items

Speciality Coffee and Treats 

Be sure to stop by our establishment(s) located in the IDA Drug Mart at the Market Mall for a speciality coffee and sweet treat to break up the routine of your day. 

We have freshly baked treats that are made in-house for you to savour and enjoy alongside a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Sweet Greetings is pleased to offer this service during routine hours of operation. However, due to COVID-19 this operation is currently not available.